I am a native of Atlanta, GA. and have been drawing or painting, since I was 7yrs old.  Expanding for 50+ years I have had two years of formal training at Ga. State Univ; but I really consider myself to be self-taught. Most of my work are commissioned portraits or some special interest paintings. The mediums that I am comfortable using are oils, acrylics, pastels and pencils. I have tried pen and ink over a wash. My subject matter and medium are varied because I love trying new things when it comes to my art.

My purpose is to open up as many eyes and minds as possible to the world of art. To show how art itself can be as stimulating as a jog through the park. This objective becomes more attainable through the expansive, yet diverse, subject matter and painting style in which I choose to work. I do not limit myself to either; but choose to explore the vastness of creativity. Please examine and immerse yourself in an expansive and diverse way in which I choose to look at the world around us through these fantastic creations. Thank you for viewing.

Calvert Brown, Artist